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5 Senses Tour In Tuscany

Tuscany is the country’s most popular tourist region.
Travel around the country and it’s hard not to be floored by the incredible differences in food from one area — sometimes one town — to another. So visitors to glorious Firenze eat steak and wonder what’s next?
What’s next is Lucca and is among Italy’s most compelling — almost certainly the best in Tuscany — and the town is a draw in its own right. Enclosed by walls whose broad tops look out over the town’s lovely towers and broad, calm piazzas on one side and park
The difference between food in Lucca and the rest of the region is perhaps best epitomized by one of the town’s most representative dishes, tortelli lucchesi. In Italy, you can determine a region’s historical affluence by the dominant type of pasta. Tuscan pasta was almost never made with eggs, which made it closer in spirit to Italy’s south than its north. But Lucca, with banking and a robust silk trade, had money, which explains why its food is better than that in the rest of Tuscany. Not surprisingly, tortelli lucchese is bright yellow pasta, stuffed with seasoned meat and topped with a heavily meat-laden ragù.


Day by Day Program

DAY 1  – Arrival in Lucca

Arrival at Pisa Airport. Transfer by motor coach to Palazzo Alexander your 4 stars boutique hotel in Lucca, in the heart of the walled town. Check in. Orientation Meeting and Welcome Dinner in a local restaurant.

DAY 2  – Italian Language Class –First Hands-on Cooking at Italian Cuisine

After breakfast you will meet Dott.ssa Cristina Viti, PHD Italian Letterature , who will give you a taste of Italian language. Lunch in a local Osteria. In the afternoon departing for Italian Cuisine School. Master Chef Gianluca Pardini and Mariella will introduce you to your first cooking class. Dinner at school. Return to the hotel.

DAY 3 –  5 Senses Tour in Lucca – Vegan cuisine Experience -“ITALIAN CUISINE” Second Hands-on Cooking Class

After breakfast enjoy a guided walking shopping tour in Lucca. We will explore our 5 Senses discovering Lucca’s ancient handcrafts ancient silk textiles , artistic ceramic items, local fragrances & cosmetics. After the tour enjoy  a vegan cooking demonstration followed by vegan lunch. Return to hotel to relax. In the afternoon transfer to Italian Cuisine School for your second cooking class. Dinner at school. Return to hotel.

DAY 4 – Day trip to the Apuan Alps National Park – Wild Fruits & Herbs Experience – Lecture and Lunch.

After Breakfast departing for Careggine, a small ancient village located in the spectacular Apuan Alps. You will meet Andrea, Gian Luca e Marco, who have found at 1050 meters sea level, their magic and energetic pure and uncontaminated place. They will give you lecture on organic and biodynamic farming.

They will guide you around the park picking herbs from the grass and fruits from the trees. Lecture will be continuing inside they country house during the cooking class and lunch. Return to hotel. Dinner on your own.

DAY 5 – Day trip to San Miniato – Truffle Hunting experience and truffles lunch

After breakfast departing for San Miniato to enjoy an exclusive unique truffles experience.

Massimo, an expert truffle hunter, will lead you in the forest together with his dogs, teaching you how to discover truffles together with traditions and legends of this precious tuber. After your truffle hunting you will be hosted by Massimo and his family in their house where you will taste home made pasta with fresh truffles sauce. Stop in San Miniato, the ancient town famous for its TRUFFLE FESTIVAL. Return to Lucca and Dinner on your own.

DAY 6 – Day Trip to Volterra on the  Etruscans path

After breakfast departing for Volterra. Volterra is a major centre for anyone interested in the Etruscans. The town itself is encircled by the remnants of Etruscan walls and the surrounding countryside has been a rich source of Etruscan tomb discoveries. The Guarnacci Museum houses one of the most interesting displays of Etruscan antiquities in existence. The Cathedral (duomo) of Volterra, consecrated by Callistus II in 1120, was enlarged by Andrea Pisano in 1254, and again in 1576. Among the pictures is an “Annunciation” by Luca Signorelli. In the baptistery (1283) are a font by Sansovino and a ciborium by Mino da Fiesole. ( The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The novel and film of this name are set partly in Volterra. The film, starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, whoever they might be, retains the setting, presumably to stay consistent with the novel and because the Volturi vampire clan take their name from Volterra) . Lunch in in local restaurant. Late afternoon return to hotel, and dinner on your own.

DAY 7   – Fascinating landscape and delicious wines of Montecarlo – Third hands-on cooking class at Italian Cuisine

After breakfast departure from Lucca to  Montecarlo. After 20 miutes of car ride you will reach the beautiful medieval village of Montecarlo. A professional guide will introduce you to the tiny but picturesque countryside town.

The fortress will be an amazing introduction to the centre that still preserve the church of S. Andrew, from, the village terrazza you will admire the wine area famous for the Montecarlo Doc white and red. The guide will tour you around walking on the pebble stones that date 14th century, and reveal secret of the medieval life with particular details about the fight between Lucca and Firenze.

The day will continue with the visit to one of the oldest farmhouse producing excellent Montecarlo wines:

You will visit the estate with the owner who will share with you the great joy involved in making this superior Doc and Igt wines. Wine and olive oil tasting will follow along with special wines ( 8 different wines taste )  and typical snacks and local specialties like prosciutto, salami, cheese, crostini. In the afternoon transfer to Italian Cooking School for your third hands-on cooking class. Dinner at the school. Return to hotel.

DAY 8 -Free time

Free time day. You will have a day off for your own leisure or visit Florence or for a Day spa (tours on site request) . Late afternoon you will enjoy an Happy hour  at an Art Bar – Aperitif with fingers food. Have fun before to an exceptional music event: Puccini concert. 

Return to hotel and overnight.

DAY 9 – Second Italian language course – Pizza Lunch with Italian Family at their own house – Forth  hands-on cooking class – Farewell Dinner .

After Breakfast you will enjoy a guided walking tour for an Italian living and learning experience. Transfer to a private house for a pizza lunch with an Italian family.

Departure to Italian Cuisine School for your last cooking class. Farewell Dinner at the school. Return to hotel.

DAY 10 – Departure

Check out – Transfer to airport by minivan